Ready to get inspired? This student-led organization was founded in the summer of 2020 by college students, Jasmine Nguyen and Kaitlyn Zhou. Their goal is to promote anti-racism and encourage a productive dialogue on race and identity among our student bodies through the inclusion of racially diverse, anti-racist texts in USA schools.

Their mission really resonated with us as a brand as well as with our Seek The Positive Foundation. Equality is one of our key pillars, and we see it as essential in the journey of humankind. Everyone deserves the same opportunities, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, disability, or identity.

They have created a petition for those who wish to support Diversify Our Narrative within each state while they work with local school boards and administration in addressing these issues to change resources and curriculum. Our goal is to help them reach 100k signatures on their petition!

We could go on and on (and on) about how inspiring this student-led, anti-racist organization is, but we figured it was better to hear it straight from them.